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The Diamond Mine


Naperville Diamonds Softball Association

Elite Fastpitch Travel Softball, Established 1994

The Naperville Diamonds is a competitive girls' fast pitch softball program for players 7-18 years of age. It is our philosophy to put together the best talented teams in our Tournament program, while at the same time, developing players in our League division. 

The Naperville Diamonds are a 100% volunteer run, "not-for-profit" organization. We need your support to continue to provide quality programs for your children. Please consider donating your time and/or resources to the league this year. 

Success on the Diamonds!

It's been a successful season for our Diamonds - here are some tournament highlights!

  • Maruna 12U Takes 2nd in Huntley Congratulations to the 12U Maruna team which took 2nd place in the Huntley Scarecrow Slam Oct. 15!
  • 12U Klingbeil Takes USSSA National Qualifier! The 12U A Klingbeil team took 1st place at the USSSA Autumn Storm Fall National Qualifier.
  • 14U Pavuk Grabs USSSA National Berth! Congratulations to the 14U Pavuk team which grabbed a national berth by winning the 2017 USSSA Rocker Rumble in Roselle Oct. 1!
  • 9U Jones Takes 2nd at 10U EPGSA Fall Frenzy Tournament! Great job to the Jones 9U team for finishing 2nd on Oct. 1 in the EPGSA Fall Frenzy 10u Tournament!
  • 10U Morgan Takes 2nd in Schaumburg Congratulations to the 10U Morgan team for finishing 2nd the Schaumburg PGF Slugfest on Sept. 24. The team went 5-1 during the weekend!
  • 16U/18U Kern Takes 2nd at SWS! Congratulations to 16U/18U Kern who recently finished the 16/18U SWS tournament and took 2nd place. The record for the tournament was 5-2 - great job ladies!
  • 10U McNamara Takes 4th at A ASA Nationals! The 10u McNamara team took 4th place at ASA "A" Nationals held in Findlay Ohio on Aug. 3 - congratulations ladies on an incredibly outstanding season!
  • 14U Kugelberg Takes 2nd at Didi Memorial Tourney! The 14U Kugelberg team took 2nd in the 9th Annual Didi Memorial College Exposure Tournament July 15 - great job ladies!
  • 8U Chips All Stars Take 1st in Evergreen Park! Congratulations to the 8U Chip All Star Team for going undefeated and taking first place in their tournament in Evergreen Park July 16
  • 12U Vukovich take 2nd in SWS! Congratulations to the 12U Vukovich squad for their 2nd place finish in the SWS tournament. The team went 17-3 in league play!
  • 14U Zoeller Takes 2nd at SWS Tournament Congratulations to the 14U Zoeller team for finishing 2nd in the SWS year ending tournament! Great job ladies!
  • 12U Hohman Takes 1st at NSA Battle of Border Congratulations to the 12u Hohman team for taking 1st place in the NSA Battle of the Border in Missouri July 9.
  • 12U Schmidt Takes 3rd at USSSA State! Naperville Diamonds 12u Schmidt took 3rd place in the USSSA Illinois State Tournament on July 9. Now off to nationals! Go Diamonds!
  • 10U McNamara Takes Metros! Congratulations to the 10U McNamara team for finishing in 1st place in the ASA Chicago Metros July 1. The team is heading to Findley Ohio the first week of August to play in ASA Nationals!
  • 12U Schmidt Takes SWS Top Spot! 12U Schmidt was the 1st place team all season in the SWS and won the SWS tournament June 29! Great job ladies!!
  • 14U Kugelberg 2nd in Heartland Shootout! 14 Kugelberg took 2nd place at the Heartland Shootout in the Quad Cities June 25, going 5-1 - allowing only 12 runs all weekend!
  • 9U Morgan Finishes 1st at Summer Smash! 9U Morgan takes 1st place in the 9U Storm Summer Smash June 25 in Chicago Heights, going , 7-1 on the weekend - great job!
  • 12U Hohman Take 1st in Indiana! Congratulations goes out to the 12u Hohman team for finishing in 1st place June 25 at the Queen of Diamonds in Portage Indiana. Nice job ladies.
  • 10U McNamara Takes 2nd in QOD! 10u McNamara took 2nd place June 4 in the Queen of Diamond's tournament - earning their ASA national bid to Findley Ohio!
  • 13U Pavuk Wins 14U USSSA Roselle 13U Pavuk wins the 14U USSSA Rockin' Summer Spectacular on June 4 hosted by the Roselle Rockers!
  • 12U Schmidt Earns National Bid! 12U Schmidt took 2nd place at the USSSA Wild West Showdown on June 4, earning their national bid - congratulations ladies!
  • 9U Morgan Takes 1st in Roselle! The 9U Morgan team took the top spot in the 10U USSSA Rockin' Summer Spectacular on June 4!
  • Volanti 14U B Takes Top Spot in Sycamore The 14U B Volanti Team finished first in the Bronze Division at the Mom's Rock Tournament in Sycamore on May 14.
  • 10U McNamara Takes 1st at Wasco! Congratulations goes out to the 10u McNamara team for taking 1st place at the Wasco Memorial Day tournament!
  • 9U Morgan Wins at Wasco! 9U Morgan 1st place in the Wasco 9u elite Memorial Day weekend. They went 4-0, the championship game was a back and forth and we took it in the last inning!
  • 12U Hohman Takes 2nd at Sparks Tourney Congratulations to the 12U Hohman team for taking 2nd place in the 25th annual spring Sparks tournament on May 22.
  • 10U Cianferri Takes 1st at Circus of Softball 10U Cianferri team took 1st place in the Hickory Hills Circus of Softball on May 22.
  • 10U McNamara Takes First at Sparks Tourney Congratulations goes out to the 10U McNamara team for taking 1st place at the 25th annual spring Sparks tournament on May 22.
  • 11U Klingbeil Takes 2nd in Joliet Congratulations to the 11U Klingbeil team for their 2nd place finish on May 15 in Joliet.
  • 10U McNamara Wins Tournament The 10U McNamara team for finished 1st in their tournament on May 15. The team went 5-0 and recorded 3 shutouts.
  • 12U Schmidt Takes 2nd in Roselle Congratulations to the 12U Schmidt team for finishing 2nd on May 7 in Roselle. The team went 5-1, way to go ladies!
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Naperville Diamonds (NDSA) 
2863 West 95th Street
Unit 143-307 
Naperville, IL 60564