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Since 2003, the Naperville Diamonds Chips program has introduced the game of softball to more future high school, college and even professional softball stars than any other developmental program in the area. 


Naperville Diamonds CHIPs Program

Since 2003, the Naperville Diamonds added an “8 and under” division called the Diamond Chips for girls who are 7 or 8 years old, determined on Dec. 31.  If a player is older, then she must play on our 10U Diamonds teams. 

The Chips program was initiated for families who want their daughters to play fast pitch softball.  In addition to playing competitive games, Chips will receive instruction from the Diamond and Chip coaches throughout the fall, winter and spring. It should be noted that we have created a competitive structure for this age division which is different from other programs in the area. 

The Chips program was designed to help grow future fast pitch softball players. Their training is provided in a developmental and talent-challenging environment designed to grow their skill level. This is also a great place for girls to start to determine where they would like their softball playing abilities to go next – whether it be on a Diamonds travel team or a Diamonds league team.

While your daughter will learn many facets of the game there is no guarantee that she will play every position. Traditionally, the Diamonds will have 60-70 Chips players who initially meet in the fall and go through several skill-building clinics. From these clinics, teams are formed and play begins in the spring and summer. Based on the number of players and coaches, the Diamonds traditionally have between 5-6 Chips teams, who then play each other during weekends. The practice and game schedule provides an introduction to what players can expect at the Travel and Leagues level within the Diamonds organization.

Like our Diamonds teams, we will field as many Chip teams as we have players and qualified managers and coaches.  All league games will be played at local parks in Naperville.  The Chips game season begins the first weekend in May and ends with a double-elimination season-ending tournament at the end of June.  Girls chosen for All-Stars will continue to play into mid-July. The Diamonds have sole discretion as to the placement of players on teams despite special requests of managers, coaches, players and parents.  Playing time on CHIP teams is balanced.  Fun and learning the game is emphasized. 

Buying a Bat

Hitting Set Up

Hitting Drill #1: Catching Ball Bottom Hand

Hitting Drill #2: Ball Toss

Hitting Drill #3: One Arm Swing

Hitting Drill #4: Full Swing